Proposition 61 – YES

The official summary about Prop. 61 states that it “Prohibits state from buying any prescription drug from a drug manufacturer at a price over lowest price paid for the drug by United States Department of Veterans Affairs.” That seems fairly clear; the state of California would get the lowest VA drug prices, and save money. This would be one small first step in reigning in high drug costs.

The opponents claim that Prop. 61 would raise drug costs, and they have conned veterans’ groups and others into opposing it. Their argument rests on the (unspoken) assumption that the drug companies would raise the VA drug prices. They could try, but the VA buys drugs in such large quantities that they have a lot of leverage on prices. Don’t be swayed by this devious argument.

Proposition 61 is worth voting for because it will help lower drug prices in California. But what we really need is an end to for-profit drug companies. Nobody should make a profit off the medical needs of people. We must turn the drug companies into publically owned, nonprofit enterprises making medicine for people not profit.

The Peace & Freedom Party urges you to vote Yes on Prop. 61.