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The Peace and Freedom Party supports John Parker’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. Please visit his campaign site at

John Parker for U.S. Senate

John Parker of the Workers World Party is the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for U.S. Senate.

  • End the war on Black people. Solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Justice for Ezell Ford, Omar Abrego and all victims of police terror. Reparations now.
  • No to racism and war on Muslims and all people of color. Jail Killer cops.
  • Abolish capitalism. Fight for socialist revolution.
  • Stop the deportations and war on immigrants.
  • Food, water, housing, education for all.
  • Defund the military. No imperialist and proxy wars from Palestine, Latin America to Haiti. Justice for the Ayotzinapa 43
  • End the prison industrial complex. End mass incarcerations.
  • LGBTQ liberation now. Stop trans murders. Full rights for women.
  • Change the system, not the climate. Immediate relief for victims of climate change.
  • Full employment & jobs for all.

John Parker is a long-time socialist who:

  • Will introduce the Oscar Grant Bill to empower and allow Black & Brown communities the ability to remove police departments and use the resources to enable community-organized self-policing and self defense
  • Has traveled and written extensively as an anti-imperialist, anti-war activist
  • Long-time and well-known fighter against racism, police terror, for immigrant and workers rights

John Parker on May Day 2016

Socialist candidate for U.S. Senate John Parker handing out flyers in downtown Los Angeles on May 1st 2016.

Flyer: Think We’ll Need a Socialist?

This John Parker for Senate flyer can be downloaded here in Adobe Acrobat format. This file is intended for printing on 8.5 x 11 (letter) paper.

Think We’ll Need a Socialist for the Senate?

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