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Independent Political Report Interview with Gloria La Riva

This interview originally appeared at Independent Political Report on October 11, 2016 and is reposted by permission of the editors.

By Peter B. Gemma

Gloria Estela La Riva, a labor, community, and anti-war activist based in San Francisco, is running for president under the Party for Socialism and Liberation. She first ran as a third-party candidate for President in 1992 as the Workers World Party nominee, and was that party’s vice-presidential candidate in the elections of 1984, 1988, 1996, and 2000. La Riva was the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for Governor of California in 1994 and received 72,774 votes (0.9 percent.) She joined the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) when it split from the Workers World Party in 2004.

La Riva is the elected First Vice President of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, Communications Workers of America, Local v39521, and worked for more than 13 years as coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, who returned home to Cuba in December of 2014.

Peter B. Gemma: I appreciate your time for this interview. You have stated that, “By the end of my first year at Brandeis University, I decided I needed to become a socialist.” What happened?

Dennis Banks speaks at Sacramento State

A campaign appearance by vice-presidential candidate Dennis Banks on October 4 got excellent coverage on the Sacramento State University campus. The article begins:

As the major party vice presidential candidates were debating in Virginia on Tuesday night, over one hundred students and activists came to the University Union to listen to Dennis Banks, the vice presidential nominee of the socialist Peace and Freedom Party.

Banks is running alongside Gloria La Riva, who has gained ballot access in eight states, including California.

Banks said that the 2016 race may be remembered as “the worst presidential election in U.S. history.

John Ferrannini, Peace and Freedom vice presidential nominee speaks at Sacramento State, The Sacramento State University Hornet, October 8, 2096.

Univision features Gloria La Riva

This English translation of an article published in Spanish by Univision on September 13 is reproduced from

Translation to English by Machetera

Gloria La Riva is pushing for radical U.S. reform, including amnesty for immigrants, independence for Puerto Rico and the end of Wall Street.

By Fernando Mexía

LOS ANGELES, California – Glora La Riva is a Socialist, anti-imperialist, admirer of Hugo Chávez and a candidate for the presidency of the United States. At the age of 62, this political veteran born in New Mexico to a Mexican family has spent more than three decades trying to convince her fellow compatriots that another kind of government is possible, although it would probably mean exchanging the American dream for a Bolivarian one.

Despite her run for the White House, La Riva already has no chance of being elected not only because according to the polls, the majority of voters will either opt for the Democrat Hillary Clinton or the Republican Donald Trump, but also because her name is on the ballot in just eight states: California, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington. Florida has yet to be confirmed.

“The whole objective is to reach the people with socialist ideas, with the reforms that are within our reach. “Just by being a candidate one can reach millions and you never know when a socialist might win,” La Riva, who also leads the Marxist-Leninist Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) told Univision Los Angeles. PSL is presenting La Riva as its presidential candidate in six of the eight states where she’s on the ballot.