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Gloria La Riva for President

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Gloria La Riva

Gloria Estela La Riva is a labor, community and anti-war activist based in San Francisco, California. Born in Albuquerque, N.M., Gloria attended Brandeis University where she was active in affirmative action struggles.

Gloria has been a registered member of the California Peace and Freedom Party since 1981. In 1994 and 1998, Gloria was the PFP’s candidate for governor of California. She was the 2008 presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Gloria is the elected Executive Vice President of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, Communications Workers of America.

Her Vice-Presidential running mate in California is Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement.

La Riva is running on a ten-point program:

PFP Candidates La Riva/Banks Conclude Historic Campaign

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Thank you to everyone who supported the Gloria La Riva for President 2016 Campaign! The 2016 Presidential and VP candidates of the Peace and Freedom Party, Gloria La Riva and Dennis Banks waged a dynamic campaign for the socialist movement. They received 66,101 votes in California, the second most of any presidential ticket in the PFP’s nearly 50 year history.

The campaign, under the banner “For the Earth and people to live, capitalism must end,” reached millions of people across the country with the message that we need a new, socialist system.

Independent Political Report Interview with Gloria La Riva

This interview originally appeared at Independent Political Report on October 11, 2016 and is reposted by permission of the editors.

By Peter B. Gemma

Gloria Estela La Riva, a labor, community, and anti-war activist based in San Francisco, is running for president under the Party for Socialism and Liberation. She first ran as a third-party candidate for President in 1992 as the Workers World Party nominee, and was that party’s vice-presidential candidate in the elections of 1984, 1988, 1996, and 2000. La Riva was the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for Governor of California in 1994 and received 72,774 votes (0.9 percent.) She joined the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) when it split from the Workers World Party in 2004.

La Riva is the elected First Vice President of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, Communications Workers of America, Local v39521, and worked for more than 13 years as coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, who returned home to Cuba in December of 2014.

Peter B. Gemma: I appreciate your time for this interview. You have stated that, “By the end of my first year at Brandeis University, I decided I needed to become a socialist.” What happened?

La Riva & Banks San Quentin Press Conference, October 1

This announcement originally appeared at on September 30, 2016.

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“The death penalty is an abomination and we call for its immediate abolition” says Presidential candidate Gloria La Riva. “We urge the people of California to vote yes on proposition 62, and no on proposition 66. It is a crucial step to not only end this cruel and unusual punishment in California, it will also have a profound effect across the United States.”

La Riva and Banks will hold a press conference in front of San Quentin State Prison with her Vice Presidential running mate Dennis Banks, on Saturday, Oct. 1, 10 am.

Gloria La Riva: Exclusion from debates is blatant violation of democracy

This statement orginally appeared at on September 26, 2016.

Listen to La Riva interviewed on Sputnik Radio’s Loud & Clear regarding last night’s debate.

“It’s a blatant violation of our basic democratic rights” said the socialist Presidential candidate Gloria La Riva speaking of her exclusion from the televised presidential debates. “The people are being forced to choose only between an imperialist war hawk and a racist demagogue.”

Tonight, Sept. 26th is the first of the live presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. La Riva and her campaign will be Live Tweeting during the debates.

Solidarity with Charlotte, rise up against police violence!

This statement originally appeard at on September 25, 2016.

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Protests continue to rage in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina following the police shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott. It is just the latest U.S. city to erupt as a consequence of police violence in the two years since the Ferguson Rebellion.

Scott’s death came just days after 40-year-old Terence Crutcher was killed on video by Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby, and 13-year-old Tyre King was killed by Columbus, Ohio cops.

Gloria La Riva: Governor Brown must Veto AB 2844!

This statement originally appeared at on Setember 21, 2016.

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“This legislation against the BDS Movement is a direct attack on free speech and freedom of assembly. It violates the rights of the people of California and justifies the oppression of the Palestinian people by providing cover for Israeli apartheid. Governor Brown must veto Assembly Bill 2844!” said Gloria La Riva, the Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate on the California ballot.

La Riva was commenting on California AB 2844, a bill that would impose a public-contract ban against any entity that is identified as observing a boycott of Israel. The bill is currently on the desk of Governor Brown awaiting his decision, and it will become law unless he vetoes the bill by the end of September.

La Riva: Solidarity with Chelsea Manning

This statement by Gloria La Riva, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for President, originally appeared at on Setember 14, 2016.

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Chelsea Manning

The Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Gloria La Riva for President campaign extends our full solidarity and support to Chelsea Manning as she victoriously enters a new phase of her life and continues her struggle against the abuse she and other political prisoners and trans prisoners face.

On the morning of Friday, September 9, anti-war whistleblower and political prisoner Chelsea Elizabeth Manning who is serving an outrageous 35-year sentence in U.S. military prison for exposing U.S. war crimes, stated that she would not voluntarily consume any food or drink except water and prescription medication, to protest repeated abuse.

After four days, Manning ended her hunger strike as the U.S. Army has agreed to provide gender affirmation surgery. We salute Manning’s courageous stance and demand that the Army not delay this necessary medical procedure.

Gloria La Riva: In Central CA workers suffer, rich get richer

This statement originally appeared at on Setember 1, 2016.

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“In Central California the workers suffer from poverty, racism and the water crisis while the rich just get richer,” said Gloria La Riva before her trip to Central California this weekend. La Riva is the Peace and Freedom Party and Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate for President in 2016. She is also the candidate of the Liberty Union Party of Vermont.

Out of the five presidential candidates on the California ballot, she is the only Latina, the only person of color, the only worker and the only socialist.

La Riva continued to say, “The hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers who are the backbone of the massive agricultural industry Central California have faced oppression and state neglect for a long time.

La Riva/Banks Campaign, September 3-4 in Central Valley

Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate Gloria La Riva will campaign in Merced on Saturday, September 3 and Modesto on Sunday, September 4.

When: Saturday, September 3 at 11:00am (see itinerary below)
Where: NcNamara Park, Merced (MAP)

When: Sunday, September 4 at 11:00am (see itinerary below)
Where: Mellis Park, Modesto (MAP)

What: Campaign appearances and outreach
Sponsor: Party for Socialism and Liberation
Contact: Facebook event page