Central Committee candidate statements

In the 5th Supervisorial District in Alameda County, there are eight candidates for 5 seats on the county Central Committee. These are the only candidates who have not been declared elected by their respective counties, and who appear on the June 7 ballot in their district. The following statements were provided by the candidates, who are responsible for their content.

John Comly

A retired social worker, I want to fight to:

  • Maintain ballot status and candidates for workers’ parties.
  • Help build a strong movement for social justice.
  • Make human needs — housing, food, health and highest education — inalienable rights.
  • End imperialism

Marsha Feinland

I have been a frequent PFP candidate for public office. I was active in my teachers’ union. Elected to the Berkeley Rent Board in 1994, I was part of the pro-tenant slate that ended runaway rent increases. I want to help new people become party activists and leaders.

Edie Hallberg

I am a retired substitute teacher working in Berkeley public schools for 27 years. I was a union activist and now I am a senior activist with the Gray Panthers, CARA, and the Berkeley Commission on Aging. Lifelong socialist, registered PFP since 1968. We need a peaceful and just society.

Norma Harrison

The Party’s work is to enable people to stipulate their goal for a just world. The platform defines the actions by which we work toward the massive change ending capitalism, supplanting it with functions that provide for our comfort – the comfort of every single person. See Voter’s Edge.

Mary McIlroy

Mary McIlroy is Co-Chair of the PFP and Movement, and is a state-wide officer. Her number one priority will be to build the Party in Alameda County. She is a live-long socialist, and sees that more and more working class people are interested in socialism. Mary McIlroy for Central Committee.

Eugene Ruyle

Gene Ruyle retired from Cal State Long Beach after a 35-year career teaching Anthropology and Marxism. He was active in his faculty union, CFA. He currently maintains the weekly forum, “Sunday Morning at the Marxist Library” and works with the Starry Plough forum committee of PFP.

Dave Welsh

Dave Welsh is a writer, musician, retired letter carrier, delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council, and member of Peace & Freedom Party since 1967. We need to fight for jobs and justice for everyone – against police killings, war and the entire miserable capitalist system. Black lives matter! Stop deportations!

Stan Woods

I’m a native of West Virginia but have lived in the East Bay, primarily Oakland more than half my life. I have been in PFP since the early 1980’s. Please reelect me so i can continue to help build a Socialist electoral Alternative. Thank you. Stan Woods