Sacramento County Ballot Measures

The Sacramento Peace and Freedom Party County Central Committee recommends a NO vote on Sacramento County Measure B, and YES votes on Sacramento Unified School District Measure G and City of Sacramento Measure L.

Measure B – NO

Measure B would impose a 30 year half cent sale tax with the proceeds to be used for road repairs and transit improvements. We recognize the real need for road repairs and for transit improvements, but do not believe this is the proper way to pay for them right now.

Sales taxes are regressive taxes that hit working people harder than the rich since workers pay a larger proportion of their income in taxes. Furthermore this measure spends twice as much on roads than public transit, and as Sacramento grows the need for more and better public transit should come first.

Measure G – YES

Measure G would impose a $75 a year parcel tax for six years on each parcel within the Sacramento City Unified School District beginning July 1, 2017. Exemptions would be available to home owners age 65 and older.

The funds raised would be dedicated to school services with no money going to construction. School services would include (but not limited to) counseling, arts and music education, tutoring, etc. While we are concerned about the burden this would place on low income people, we approve the exemption for the elderly and consider the need to restore vital school programs to be important enough to approve this measure.

Measure L – YES

Measure L would create an independent 13 member Redistricting Commission charged with the task of redrawing Sacramento City Council District lines. A new commission would be created every year that ends in “0.” It would establish a procedure for selecting commission members that would (hopefully) be independent of the city Council members.

While we would much rather have City Council members chosen through a proportional representation system, this reform of the current system gets our OK.