Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

The Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed the “CALI” (Christina, Alejandro, Leah, Igor) slate for the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board. These candidates were chosen by ranked choice voting at the pro-tenant rent board convention in Berkeley in May, 2016. The Peace and Freedom Party participates in the biannual tenants’ convention, which chooses candidates to form a slate to run against the candidates chosen by the Berkeley Property Owners’ Association which has been working to overturn strong rent control in Berkeley.

We urge Berkeley voters to vote for these candidates:

  • Christina Murphy – Housing Specialist, Berkeley Drop-off Center
  • Alejandro Soto-Vigil – Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
  • Leah Simon-Weisberg – Legal Director, Tenants Together, a statewide tenants’ advocacy group
  • Igor Tregub – Housing Advisory Commission member who has served a previous term as a Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner

Click here to visit the CALI slate website.