Local Propositions and Candidates

County Central Committees in Alameda, Marin, Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Clara counties have positions on a variety of ballot measures and candidates. Listed alphabetically.

Alameda County

The Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed the following candidates and ballot measure positions.

City of Alameda

  • NO on Measure L1 – city-sponsored “rent control”
  • YES on Measure M1 – tenant-sponsored rent control for Alameda – proponents’ website

Berkeley Ballot Measures

For statements on these ballot measure positions, see this article.

  • YES on Measure U1 – business license tax on rental units
  • YES on Measure V1 – Gann appropriations limit override
  • YES on Measure Y1 – youth voting
  • YES on Measure Z1 – low income housing authorization
  • YES on Measure AA – rent board ordinance amendment
  • NO on Measure BB – inferior minimum wage
  • YES on Measure CC – effective minimum wage
  • NO on Measure DD – big landlords’ proposed rental license tax

Berkeley Rent Stabilation Board

We support the CALI slate (“CALI” stands for Christina, Alejandro, Leah, and Igor). For more see this article.

  • Christina Murphy – Housing Specialist, Berkeley Drop-off Center
  • Alejandro Soto-Vigil – Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
  • Leah Simon-Weisberg – Legal Director, Tenants Together, a statewide tenants’ advocacy group
  • Igor Tregub – Housing Advisory Commission member who has served a previous term as a Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner

Oakland City Council District 7

Oakland Ballot Measure

Contra Costa County

The Peace and Freedom Party State Executive Committee supports the following ballot measure.


Marin County

The Marin County Peace and Freedom Party endorses the following ballot measure position.

  • YES on Measure A – strong start for kids – statement

Sacramento County

The Sacramento County Central Committee endorses the following ballot measure positions. For statements on these measures, see this article.

  • NO on county Measure B – local sales tax
  • YES on Sacramento Unified School District Measure G – parcel tax
  • YES on City of Sacramento Meaure L – redistricting commission

San Francisco

The San Francisco County Central Committee endorses the following candidates.

Board of Supervisors, District 11

Note: in this ranked choice voting (RCV) election, voters can rank up to three candidates in order of preference.

Santa Clara County

The Santa Clara County Peace and Freedom Party endorses the following positions.

Mountain View

San Jose

  • YES on Measure E – require many businesses to offer extra hours to part-time workers before hiring new ones